how we can help

“There isn’t a particularly good reason that this hasn’t happened; it’s just that the dominant operating system architectures that we have are all from the sixties.  Basically the people who do operating systems got used to this kind of layered architecture in an operating system, and they tend to keep on feeding it, even thought layered systems don’t scale very well.  This is an example of the invisibility of normality.  We’re not even aware that we’re accepting most things we accept.  Any creative person has to try and force their brain to reconsider things that are accepted so widely they seem like laws of the universe.  Very often, they aren’t laws of the universe, they’re just conventions.”

Alan Kay in an CIO Insight interview from Feb. 2007 entitled “The PC Must Be Revamped – Now”.  Mr. Kay’s phrase, “the Invisibility of normality” is applicable to many things within both the technology and the business world.  At Ontios, we are determined to help our Interactive Services and Technology clients to break through this “invisibility of normality” and help to leverage interactive technology to better connect with their customers.

Corporate Positioning
What makes your firm uniquely interesting to your prospects or to firms that might acquire you?  Does your current positioning make sense in the context of your peer group?  How about from the perspective of how your prospects make their buying decisions?  Is there a disconnect between how you talk about your unique capabilities and what your prospects hear?  We can help.  We have repositioned and help sell technology services companies (as President), and have repositioned and help grow technology product companies as both external consultants and as interactive development partners. 

Interactive Services Company Audits
How do you maintain and nurture your relationships with your clients? What level of visibility do you have into your downstream revenue? How dependent are you on hourly billings and closing your next opportunity? Every Interactive Services company struggles with improving their revenue visibility, deepening their client relationships and de-emphasizing their reliance on the next transaction, while trying to improve margins and develop staff. Let us leverage our 15 years of experience in founding and/or running multiple high performance interactive services firms to improve your operating effectiveness – and drive your corporate value.

Site Analysis
Can your users quickly get what they need when they come to your site? Is your corporate positioning conveyed within your tagline – but not present anywhere else within your site?  If your site is information rich, is it designed so that it doesn’t overwhelm your users?  We can help to improve your site experience.  Leverage our experience across positioning, information design and website design and  development coupled with our keen understanding of emerging technology.

Website Definition
Who is your audience?  What level of familiarity do they have with your organization?  Your technology?  As with the questions in Corporate Positioning, does your target audience understand the nuanced messaging that you are using on your site – or worse yet is your solution positioning sourced directly from the New Product Technology Launch kit marketing blather generator (Scalable, Easy to Deploy, Easy to Use, Flexible, … but with no real statement of what it does and the value realized by those who use it).  Let us help.  Sitting at the intersection of interactive technology, marketing and business strategy provides us with a unique set of skills.