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Whether it manifests itself in how firms present themselves on the web or technology product positioning itself, there is a default tendency to adhere to Alan Kay’s wonderful phrase, The Invisibility of Normality.  This can be beneficial – for instance, it would be counter-productive for every website to rethink the home button metaphor, however this reliance on convention can be fatal for services or early stage technology companies.  If you’re comfortably clustered within the epicenter or normal, how are your prospects supposed to respond?  What do you do well?  What is fundamentally different about your offering?  Is this difference one of approach, or something tangible that your prospects will appreciate?  We help technology, thought leadership and technology services companies to differentiate themselves along relevant variables – as defined from the perspective of their prospects and customers.

Unique Glasses

We also analyze, plan and develop web applications from this same perspective  Why do your site users visit your site?  What information did they come for?  Is there an obvious hierarchy to what you have to offer?  Is that hierarchy reflected in your presentation of information?  Is your site visually striking – but off point for your audience?

John Francis is a visionary with excellent marketing and BD execution chops.  An active contributor, he has provided me with a wealth of actionable research and good advice over the past several years. In particular, I’ve really enjoyed and learned a lot from his successful experiences in market repositioning and also from his revenue producing partnership deals. A man of boundless enthusiasm and energy, John has the drive to do the footwork and follow through on complicated deals. If you have a BD problem or market positioning problem, or if you just want insights into market trends, I recommend John highly.

Dr. Todd Brennan
Founder & CTO, Okena (now Cisco)
Founder, CTO, Director, Bit 9
Founder, Ampient