You have choices.  The VC community in conjunction with the entrepreneurs amongst us have ensured that you have choices.  And with choice comes confusion.  Whether it is positioning your company for acquisition, or creating a portal that will resonate with your audience, a willingness to question and a desire to find a better solution are helpful attributes.

Unique Apple

As Alan Kay’s phrase, the Invisibility of Normality conveys, many of the things that we do, are done for no reason other than convention.  They don’t convey more information.  They don’t sell more product.  They don’t improve your relationships with your customers.  But we do them.  At Ontios, we help technology and technology services companies to differentiate themselves in ways that are relevant to their target audience.  We analyze, plan and develop web applications that build on and reinforce your corporate brand.  We work with company principals to refine their corporate focus and to enhance their value to both their clients and to their stakeholders  We ask questions and don’t defer to the “Invisibility of Normality”.  For a more in depth discussion of Our Services, click here, or better yet, send us an inquiry at Contact Us.