ANYWHERE & Global Connectivity

Emily Nagle Green, President and CEO of the Yankee Group and a fellow MITX Board member, has just written “Anywhere”, a very interesting book that looks at the implications of ubiquitous connectivity and its’ implications.

Anywhere cover art

Certainly Emily does an excellent job of capturing the implications of are rapidly changing connected world, while providing a variety of interesting examples that help to make this issue both tangible and “business actionable”. On page 244 she states that “The need for speed won’t negate the requirement for a thoughtful approach. Mindlessly bolting on connectivity, like a toolshed on the side of a house, could fail. Connectivity is more than a gimmick, a new cup holder for next year’s minivan. A better approach is one that rethinks your customers’ product experience with connectivity at its center and redesigns the product to incorporate it in the most suitable way. How will your firm be quick, agile – and how will it plan?”

Emily is correct, but let’s look at the impact of this trend on web design and development – and interactive communications in general. The marketplace moves fast and brand marketers no longer control the messaging. Sure your internal marketing team and your ad agency may craft your initial message, but it exists within a noisy marketplace and there are more external voices contributing to the dialogue than there are internal voices. How will your firm’s web presence integrate these voices into the discussion – or will you continue to just talk at your prospects and wonder why they are still prospects?


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